Things you should know when getting permanent dental crowns

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Dental crown treatment is an effective solution for chipped, broken, missing teeth, etc. Not only provide high cosmetic but also ensures chewing capability and make eating also become easier. Here are something you should know when having crown treatment.

In which case should you have permanent crowns?

  • Severe color stained: cases of severe color stain that cannot be resolved by whitening should be treated with crowns.
  • Chipped, broken teeth: severe chips that cannot be resolved effectively with filling should be treated with crowns to ensure chewing as well as durability of the teeth.
  • Broken teeth, dead pulp: teeth with dead pulp will be brittle, fragile, should be protected with crowns after pulp treatment.
  • Mild teeth protrusion, retrusion: crown treatment will make the teeth more aligned and cosmetic.
  • Spacing, exposed gap: for cases of excessive spacing, cannot be cured with cosmetic filling, crown treatment is an effective solution.
  • Missing teeth: Bridgework will restore missing teeth effectively, providing cosmetic and functional chewing like real teeth.

Severe discoloration should be treated with crowns

How long does permanent crown treatment last?

Crown treatment duration depends on the dental condition as well as the number of teeth the patients wish to restore. At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, this process tends to last from 3 - 5 days with 2 appointments:

  • 1st visit: Dental health examination and consultation, then proceed to trim the teeth and get the impression to create the crowns. If dental diseases are detected, they have to be treated first.
  • 2nd visit: The crowns will be temporarily placed on the trimmed teeth. If everything is properly fitted, the doctor will secure it on to the teeth and complete the crown treatment.

Suitable types of crown for permanent crown treatment

Currently, there are many types of dental crowns, the most stand-out choices are metal crowns and all porcelain crowns (non-metal crowns)

Metal crowns: is a type of crown with 2 components, the inner metal structure, and the outer porcelain layers. When performed, the technician will first cast a layer of metal that fitted with the trimmed teeth. The material can be titanium or titanium alloy (Nickel, Chrome, Titanium, etc.)

All porcelain crowns (no-metal crowns): is a type of crown made entirely from porcelain with no other material, this is either E.max or Cercon. Because they are made of high-quality crowns, they are very hard, high durability and guarantee color.

Before - After crown treatment

Those are things you should know about crown treatment. Another important aspect is that you have to find a reputable clinic to have the desired effectiveness.

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