What can I eat after dental implant surgery?

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What to eat and what not to eat after Implant is a question that many people are interested in when choosing this technique to restore lost teeth. The following article will help you build a scientific and reasonable diet to help keep your teeth healthy and white over time.

What should I eat after having a dental implant?

After dental implant placement, you should add nutritious foods to improve oral health, keep teeth and gums healthy:

In the first few days after dental implant, you should only eat soft, liquid, warm, and easy to chew foods such as soft fruits (bananas, peaches, watermelons, melons, avocados...), soup, porridge, milk, yogurt, oatmeal, cheese, eggs, etc.

Should eat vegetables that have been cooked soft such as cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, pumpkin, etc. meats should be chopped.

Grains (green beans, black beans, rice, peanuts…) should be eaten after the wound has stabilized.

In particular, you should provide your body with the necessary amount of water. Drink 2-3 liters of clean water every day, water will help increase the body's immunity and make the wound at the transplant site heal faster.

Foods you can eat after dental implant surgery

What should you not eat after dental implant surgery?

In addition to learning what to eat, what should you eat when you are done with dental implants, you should also pay attention to avoid the following foods to avoid unwanted complications.

Avoid foods that are too spicy, too hot, too cold or too tough, etc. after Implant. Because these foods will make the wound inflamed and take longer to heal.

Drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, or foods with a lot of powdered sugar such as candies, cakes, chocolate, bread, dried fruit, ice cream, chips... should also be limited.

In addition, you absolutely must not smoke, drink alcohol, and use stimulants. Because they will cause Implant rejection, causing the implant result to fail.

Foods to avoid after dental implants

Above are the shares to help you answer the question of what to eat and what not to eat after having dental implants. Hopefully, through this, you can build yourself a nutritional regimen after implanting a very scientific tooth. If you still have any problems that need advice, please immediately contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic at Hotline: 1900 56 5678, experts will answer specifically and quickly for you.