What is a regular metal crown?

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Regular metal crowns have been chosen for a long time. Despite having some limitation, they still guarantee cosmetic and chewing capability.

What are regular metal crowns?

A regular metal crown is a type of crown with the inside made of regular alloy (Co - Cr or Ni - Cr) and the outside made of a layer of Ceramco3 porcelain. This is a completed metal system, stable with heat and relatively cosmetic, do not affect or cause any complication for patients' health.

Regular metal crowns with the inner made of regular alloy (Co – Cr or Ni – Cr) and the outer Ceramco3 porcelain

Benefits of regular metal crowns

Compare with high quality all porcelain crowns, regular metal crowns have inferior color and durability. However, this line of crowns still have the following advantages:

  • High durability, good resistant to force, suitable for teeth that have to withstand chewing force such as molars.
  • Natural color like biological teeth.
  • Last about 10 years, could be longer for upper teeth.
  • Low cost, suitable for the income of many people.

Compare to all porcelain teeth, metal crowns still have limitations but so as advantages

In which cases do regular dental crowns often prescribed?

With the benefits mentioned above, regular metal crowns often prescribed to the following cases:

  • To restore teeth with root canal treatment, chipped teeth, big cavities, weak or without enamel.
  • To restore teeth for patients with loss molars
  • To restore incisors for the elderly, people with low income or low cosmetic needs

Regular metal crowns are often used to restore chipped, broken teeth, wide cavities, etc.

Things to note about regular metal crowns

Besides the benefits, regular metal crowns also have some disadvantages. After long-term usage, there might be metallic black spots at the neck of the crown due to the influence of saliva and food, causing loss of cosmetic.

In addition, if you restore the incisors or front molars, you should avoid regular crowns so as not result in a confident loss due to the blackened gum line, leading to less beautiful teeth.

Here is some answer to what regular metal crown is and some basic information about this type of crown. To have a high cosmetic crown, ensuring health safety, you should come to a reputable clinic. Here experts will give you specific consultation about types of crowns, from there helping you easily choose dental restoration method.

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