When should porcelain crowns have root canal treatment?

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 536
Hi doctor! I have tooth decay and want to treat it to cover porcelain teeth, but I have heard that many cases need to be treated for root canals to cover porcelain teeth. Please advise when the porcelain crown must cure the tooth pulp? Thank doctors! (Kieu My – Quang Tri)


Dear Kieu My, thank you for trusting and sharing your concerns with us. Regarding the question “When should porcelain crowns have root canal treatment?”, we would like to answer specifically as follows.

Porcelain veneers must treat the pulp or not completely depends on the condition of your teeth. It is not a mandatory requirement for porcelain veneers. Root canal therapy is indicated only when absolutely necessary and with the aim of preventing future pulpitis.

Restoring porcelain teeth that match real teeth in all respects from size, proportion and color

  • Bright white teeth, with a natural clarity and shine similar to real teeth, not opaque, black pellets, crevices,...
  • Strong teeth, maximum strength to help you eat and chew like real teeth.
  • Restoration time is minimized thanks to the use of an optimal, error-free system of prosthetic machinery. Teeth last the longest on the jaw.

Whether or not porcelain crowns must cure the pulp will depend on your specific caries condition. You can contact the Dentist if you have any questions or concerns about dental problems.