Missing teeth – Why should I choose dental implant instead of dental bridge?

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Why should dental Implant instead of dental bridge be a question that many people are interested in. For the correct answer to this problem, please immediately refer to the following article.

What is dental implant?

Implant is a post made of Titanium compound that is implanted into the jawbone for the purpose of replacing lost tooth roots. After the healing time and the Implant pillar has integrated into the jaw bone, the doctor will proceed to make porcelain teeth on the Implant to form the most complete tooth.

What is dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a technique used to replace missing teeth but still have teeth on either side and these teeth must be very strong. The doctor will prepare 2 teeth next to the missing tooth to create a dental pillar, which is used to support the bridge array of 3 porcelain teeth above.

Why should dental implant instead of dental bridge?

Execution object

  • Dental Implant: suitable for all cases of loss of 1 or more teeth, even loss of all teeth.
  • Dental bridge: is indicated in case of loss of 1 or a few teeth in a row and the 2 teeth next to the missing tooth must be very strong.

Implementation technique

  • Dental Implant: Implant is fixed into the jaw bone, does not affect adjacent teeth, does not need to grind teeth.
  • Dental bridge: must grind at least 2 teeth next to the missing tooth to support the bridge.

Features and functions

  • Dental Implant: bring high aesthetics, good chewing, Implant posts act like real teeth roots, preventing jaw bone loss.
  • Dental bridges: bring high aesthetics, good chewing, but only replacing the crowns but not replacing the lost roots, leading to bone loss over time. In addition, when one of the two real teeth is damaged, the bridge does not guarantee to chew and leads to gum pain, receding gums, and damaged restorations.


  • Dental Implant: can last forever if implanted with the right technique and proper care.
  • Dental bridge: can only be used for a period of time, then a new bridge must be made.

How to take care

  • Dental Implant: Dental Implant care is as simple and convenient as real teeth, just pay attention to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day in combination with using mouthwash, floss, and water flosser to clean the whole thing. oral cavity set.
  • Dental bridges: easy to stuff food into the lost gums, very difficult to clean, easy to lead to bad breath.

Through the above information, you can see that the implant method has many outstanding advantages compared to the porcelain bridge method. Although the treatment costs are higher, the benefits that Implant brings to you are completely worth it. If you need more specific advice, please immediately contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic via Hotline: 1900 56 5678, experts will advise you in detail and completely free of charge.