Periodontitis and treatment

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Periodontitis is the inflammation and breakdown of the tissues surrounding the teeth. This is the main cause of teeth loss, negatively affects health and oral aesthetics. Understand the disease can help prevent as well as treating it, reducing the risk of teeth loss.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontium is the tissues that surround and support the teeth, including the gums, periodontal ligament, and bone that support and keep the teeth firm and fixed in the jaw. The gum tissue will tightly surround to the teeth to protect the sensitive tissues, help to prevent bacteria from entering and damaging the teeth.

Periodontitis starts from the gums then spread to the underlying periodontal tissue structures, causing gums loss and alveolar bone deterioration, forming periodontal pockets. Despite its subtle symptoms, periodontitis can have serious ramifications: the teeth will gradually weaken, chewing function will degrade, affecting the temporomandibular joints as well as general health.

The teeth of a patient with severe periodontitis

Here are some symptoms of periodontitis:

  • Gums are likely to bleed from any form of impacts (e.g., brushing teeth, eating solid food, etc).
  • The gums become inflamed and swollen, gums tissue have ulcers and become loose without sticking on to the teeth.
  • Lots of plaque and tartar around the crown.
  • Teeth become loose and gradually sparse.
  • Bad breath occurs.

Periodontitis causes

Plaque accumulation, bacteria build up in and around the teeth causing gum inflammation (gingivitis). Over time, hardening plaque forms calculus (tartar). Turning gingivitis to periodontitis, harmful bacteria in the plaque damage the bone supporting the teeth, leading to bone recession, loose teeth which lead to the risk of teeth loss.

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan - Director of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, there are several outside factors that alter the reaction of gums to plaque or tartar, thus altering the body's response to periodontitis, making it worst such as smoking, diabetes, stress, bruxism, pregnancy, puberty, diet, immune system disorders.

Plaque accumulation, bacteria build up in and around the teeth causing gum inflammation (gingivitis)

The course of periodontitis

Periodontitis Treatment

Early stage: The doctor will remove the plaque on the teeth, instructing the customer how to care for the teeth. This method will be performed regularly combined with dental examinations to closely monitor the progression of periodontitis and formulate the next treatment strategy.

Periodontitis and treatmentDeveloping stage: At this stage, depending on each case, the doctor will specify the appropriate treatment method. Often the patient will be given a bone marrow filling treatment to prevent bacteria from entering and destroying the root which helps to preserve the teeth. Patients will also be prescribed dental restorations if required.

Periodontitis and treatmentSevere stage: This is the most serious stage of periodontitis. At this stage, the teeth may not be able to be preserved anymore. In which case, the doctor will perform teeth extraction and implantation, restoring the lost teeth.

To prevent periodontitis, Dr. Vo Van Nhan recommends visiting dental clinics regularly every 3-6 months for examination and to remove tartar, plaque in places where toothbrushes cannot reach. Tartar removal will help you prevent periodontitis, preserving clean and shiny teeth at the same time help you become more confident in daily communication.

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Hopefully, the information above will help you know more about periodontal disease and how to treat it.If you still have any questions, please contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for the best support.